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Summit Plummet  Summit Plummet

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is the second and most recent addition to Disney’s water parks and is another great day out. This park is more orientated for the more energetic of us with all it’s slides and water attractions.

Blizzard Beach opened on April 1, 1995 and was the third WDW water park after River Country and Typhoon Lagoon. River Country has since closed. The theme of the park, according to Disney legend, is of a freak snowstorm in the area, leading to the construction of Florida's first ski resort. Naturally, the snow didn't last long, leaving behind a collection of waterlogged but snow-less ski jumps and chair lifts. The failed resort was in the process of closing for good when an alligator was seen sliding down a flume and splashing into a pool of water, screaming "Yahoo!!!!" Thus the "ski resort" was reborn as a water park, with the alligator (named "Ice Gator") as mascot.

The majority of the major attractions at the park are hosted on top of Mount Gushmore, a man made “Mountain” with a total elevation of 220 feet, making it the fifth highest point in Florida.

Mount Gushmore

Mount Gushmore is split into three coloured slopes to aid guests navigating around the park: Green, Red and Purple. All water areas are heated (at approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit) with the exception of the melting snow in the ice cave of Cross Country Creek.

Green Slope

The Green Slope attractions are found at the uppermost point of Mount Gushmore. They can be accessed by foot, can be tiring after a few times of climbing your way up, or by chairlift. The chairlift is a one-way ride, except for guests with disabilities.

Green Slope Attractions

 Slush Gusher is a 90 feet tall, 250-feet (76 m) long snow-banked mountain gully body slide attraction that reaches speeds up to 55 miles per hour (76 km/h).

 Summit Plummet is the flagship attraction at Disney's Blizzard Beach waterpark. It is claimed to be the world's tallest and fastest free-fall body slide. It stands 120 feet (36 m) tall and riders reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour (88 km/h). The ride, which resembles a giant ski jump, is located at the top of Mount Gushmore. Riders reach the peak by using a ski lift or walking up stairs. There is a minimum height requirement of 48" (122 cm). Not for the feint hearted!

 Teamboat Springs is the world's longest "family white-water raft ride" at 1,400 feet (426 m) long. It is located at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park. This attraction sends guests down a twisting series of rushing waterfalls. Water Park guests sit in large blue rubber rafts, which can hold a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 persons, equipped with handles to hold on to (You’ll need them) while the gushing water takes you down the slide. No infants and other Health Restrictions are advised.

Purple Slope

Access to the Purple Slope attractions is from a pathway next to the catch pool of Downhill Double Dipper.

Purple Slope Attractions

 Downhill Double Dipper is the world's only side-by-side racing slides. It is located next to Snow Stormers on Mount Gushmore. This adrenaline pumping attraction's slides are 50 feet high and are 230 feet long. Guests travel up to speeds of 25 mph on these twin inner tube runs as they race to the finish line. Time clocks count-off each downhill heat and the runs are outfitted with automated audio equipment that signals the start of each race. Requirements: Minimum height requirement of 48" (122 cm).

 Snow Stormers is a "mat slide" consisting of three flumes (350 feet long) located in between Downhill Double Dipper and Toboggan Racers on Mount Gushmore. The attraction descends from the top of the mountain and follows a switchback course through ski-type slalom gates. Guests lay on their stomach on the toboggan style mat as they ride down the flumes. Mat pickup at the top of attraction (Shares Mat Conveyor with Toboggan Racers.

 Toboggan Racers is an 8-lane, 250-foot water slide located at Disney's Blizzard Beach next to Snow Stormers on Mount Gushmore. The attraction sends guests racing over exhilarating dips as they descend the "snow" slope along the side of Mount Gushmore. Guests lay on their stomach on the toboggan style mat as they race to the finish line. Mat pickup at the top (Shares mat conveyor with Snow Stormers).

Red Slope

The Red Slope is found at the very rear of the park, containing only one attraction.

Red Slope Attractions

 Runoff Rapids is a 600-foot inner tube run at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park, featuring two open and one enclosed tube slides. This attraction zooms guests down twisting, turning flumes, passing through corrugated steel pipes. Tubes available at the bottom of the attraction. The Red slope stairs are the only way to access this attraction.

Ground Level Attractions:

This is where all the areas for the smaller kids are and access to the chairlift and steps. There is also

  •  Melt Away Bay which is a 1-acre wave pool nestled against the base of Mount Gushmore. This attraction is constantly fed by "melting snow" waterfalls creating "bobbing" (short) waves.
  •  Cross Country Creek is a 3,000-foot (914 m) slow-moving water attraction commonly known as a "lazy river", that travels around the perimeter of the water park. The attraction carries floating guests (in inner tubes) through a bone-chilling ice cave. Once inside the mysterious cave, guests will be splashed with the "melting" ice from overhead. There are 7 entrances and exits located throughout the park for this attraction, and any of these locations guests may pick up tubes and leave them as they exit the creek. The journey takes between twenty and thirty minutes to complete depending on crowd levels.
  •  Ski Patrol is an area for pre-teenage children.
  •  Leisure Pool The pool contains "icebergs" on which guests under 12 can walk across.
  •  Fahrenheit Drops Commonly known as the "T-Bar", this attraction is a rope drop that deposits guests that are under five feet (1.52 m) tall into eight point five feet (2.6 m) of water.
  •  Freezin' Pipe Springs This attraction is a short body slide. It drops guests in the same water area as Farenheight Drops, but has no height restriction. Cool Runners- a wide-open slide (inner tube) area created by rapidly melting snow mounds (moguls).
  •  Tike's Peak features gentle slides designed to resemble scaled down versions of attractions at Blizzard Beach. Also included is a snow-castle fountain play area with pop (water) jets. Picnic benches also provided. Footwear is suggested due to hot pavement. The attraction is limited to children under 48 in (122 cm).
  •  The Chairlift is a "one-way" ride which carries up to 3 guests over the craggy face of Mount Gushmore, from its base at the beach, to its summit. The chairs carrying guests feature wooden-bench seats, colorful overhead umbrellas and snow skis on their underside. This is the most recognized means of transport to the summit, where many of the rides are located (Guests can also climb a staircase to the top). A Gondola is also provided for disabled guests to access the top of Mount Gushmore. There is a minimum height requirement of 32 in (81 cm), 48 in (122 cm) to ride alone.

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